Finding God is not simple. How do we know it really is God speaking to us from within, and not our ambitions, our jealousy, or our selfishness? How did Abraham know he was experiencing God and not some other emotion prompting him to kill his son? There is no easy answer to this. Signs and […]

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Part 3 In the last two parts, we talked about the first lesson to learn from the recent tragedies in Paris and Brussels: the truth about Islam. The second lesson can be learned from the terrorists themselves. They actually give away their real motives in their claims of responsibility after an attack. After 9/11, the […]

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Part 2 We are discussing the tragedies of recent acts of terrorism and seeking to understand them in light of the truth. Islamophobes and religious extremists who claim to be Muslims have something in common. They both misinterpret the message of the Qur’an. They misconstrue one section in particular: Sura or Chapter 9, Verses 3-5, […]

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Part One Pulling something positive out of tragedy is a sign of a person trying to be inspired by grace. There are two lessons we can learn from the horrific terrorist attacks on Paris and Brussels. The first is a lesson about what Islam is really about. And the second is about the motive of […]


The Seven Commandments for Happiness and Prosperity by Shari Sharifi Brown is the clear answer in a complicated trangle of religion. Taking the extensive histories of the three major world religions: Islam, Christianity, Judaism and breaking down each ideologies rules and commandments, Brown has given the world the seven essential commandments guaranteed to give us the happiness and prosperity we all seek.