I am a Christian. I was raised in Iran as a Shi’ite Muslim. And I am married to an American Jewish man. Back in 1979 my world had totally collapsed. All I had worked for and enjoyed in my life was threatened. Religious fanatics had taken over my country, upending everything for me and millions of […]

With faith and prayer, you can overcome any crisis and improve your life with the combined wisdom of the world’s great religions. Through birth, conversion, and marriage I have intimate knowledge of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. For more than two decades I have intensely studied these faiths to arrive at a new understanding of how […]

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Part One Pulling something positive out of tragedy is a sign of a person trying to be inspired by grace. There are two lessons we can learn from the horrific terrorist attacks on Paris and Brussels. The first is a lesson about what Islam is really about. And the second is about the motive of […]


The Seven Commandments for Happiness and Prosperity by Shari Sharifi Brown is the clear answer in a complicated trangle of religion. Taking the extensive histories of the three major world religions: Islam, Christianity, Judaism and breaking down each ideologies rules and commandments, Brown has given the world the seven essential commandments guaranteed to give us the happiness and prosperity we all seek.