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Part 3

In the last two parts, we talked about the first lesson to learn from the recent tragedies in Paris and Brussels: the truth about Islam.

The second lesson can be learned from the terrorists themselves. They actually give away their real motives in their claims of responsibility after an attack. After 9/11, the 2005 London attack, and the outrages in Paris last year and in Brussels in March, the attackers issued statements saying they acted in revenge for acts of war against Muslim people by Western governments.

Indeed, for the past century European and American governments have plotted coups, tried to assassinate leaders, imposed economic sanctions and invaded numerous Muslim countries leading to widespread death and destruction. The West also imposed harsh leaders on Muslim people to do the West’s bidding.

We in America and Europe must take a frank, hard look at how our governments have treated Muslim peoples over the years, and realize that they have not been acting according to their Christian beliefs. If we want to avoid terrorism we might think twice about invading their countries. This is no way excuses or condones the madness of terrorism, but it does help to explain it.

The only way to combat Islamophobia is to educate Westerners on what Islam really says. It is not an easy task, but The Seven Commandments shows how similar Islam is to Christianity and Judaism. It also shows how political and religious leaders in each of the religions strayed very far from the message of their followers to go after worldly pursuits, namely wealth and power.

In the name of their religions, nations were conquered, people were slaughtered, heretics were tortured, and others were made slaves. The terrorists of Paris and Brussels follow in this awful tradition of turning their backs on their religion’s founder. In order to explain the scourge of terrorism and how to combat it, as well as the Islamophobia that it has given rise to, we must understand the real message of Islam and the responsibility of Western governments in giving an excuse to terrorists.

The Seven Commandments explains that resisting worldly pursuits that leads to conflict and social division is the way to find inner and outer peace as well as material prosperity while we live this life. As we follow the commandments together we will spread the message of happiness and prosperity and the kind of evil that leads to terrorism will disappear.

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