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Part One

Pulling something positive out of tragedy is a sign of a person trying to be inspired by grace. There are two lessons we can learn from the horrific terrorist attacks on Paris and Brussels.

The first is a lesson about what Islam is really about. And the second is about the motive of terrorism and what Europeans and Americans can do about it.

The criminals who perpetrated the massacres at a Paris theater and restaurant and at the airport in Brussels call themselves Muslims. But that is the biggest lie about a religion of more than one billion people.

The Seven Commandments shows how these thugs are in no way Muslims. They do not in the slightest way represent Islam, no matter what they say. For instance, as I’ll show, they have no idea what jihad means. The vast majority of Muslims around the world despise these terrorists and the damage they are doing to the image of their religion.

The unfortunate fact is that terrorist attacks in Europe have turned many Europeans and Americans into Islamophobes, irrational haters of all people who follow Islam. Right-wing extremism is on the rise in Europe. And these misguided people are rallying around a hatred of all Muslims and of refugees from Muslim countries who have sought safety from war in their countries.


Part Two coming soon.

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