About the Author

Shari Sharifi-Brown

Strong belief systems and teachings have played an important part in the family of Shari Sharifi-Brown, Founder and President of the Sharifololama Foundation and President of the Trans Global Consulting Engineers company.
Born a Muslim in pre-revolutionary Persia, she converted to Christianity in school and married into a Jewish-American Family. She has lived all three of the Abrahamic religions that this book is based on. Her deep-rooted adherence to these religions led her to understand their innate compatibility. Through her lifetime of study and practice of these philosophies,

Ms. Brown came to an important conclusion: we must follow the key elements of all three major religions to make us whole and secure. She contends that the similarities of the three outweigh the differences.
She lives in Southern California with her husband, Ed Brown, and their two children.


Why she wrote the book

Shari Brown feels a strong calling to help people free themselves of oppression, slavery to rules, and the overwhelming complexity of the leading world religions. Through her studies of these ancient philosophies, she has found the key – the guaranteed secret – to happiness and prosperity in seven straightforward commandments distilled from all three ways of belief: The Seven Commandments for Happiness and Prosperity.